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Antitrust & Trade Regulation


Antitrust law issues are a major concern in many industries, whether you are in a highly regulated industry or a highly competitive market, and whether your company is large or small. Antitrust law can touch a start-up software company, a local struggling hospital, a large pharmaceutical company, a non-profit trade group, a real estate developer, a retailer, or indeed any other type of business. Federal and state antitrust enforcers are increasingly active, and private litigation, whether by competitors or consumers, are a daily occurrence.

The antitrust lawyers at A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd view your antitrust issues as business issues that need to be resolved efficiently and effectively. We can help you advance your business goals without running afoul of federal and state antitrust laws. We will counsel you in all areas of antitrust compliance that can pose antitrust risks:

  • Pricing decisions
  • Meetings and other exchanges of information with competitors
  • Managing customer relations
  • Distribution issues
  • New antitrust developments
  • Restrictive licensing and other restrictions related to intellectual property
  • Intellectual property enforcement efforts, litigation and settlement strategies
  • Refusals to deal
  • Exclusive dealing and tying restrictions
  • Dealer terminations
  • Mergers, networks, joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Standard setting, both public and private
  • Contentious litigation among competitors

Our antitrust trial lawyers have handled many of the region’s leading antitrust cases and government investigations. Because of our years of antitrust counseling experience, we are able to identify and defend the legitimate business reasons motivating conduct that is challenged in antitrust litigation and convince courts and governmental agencies to quickly dismiss antitrust claims. We also excel at explaining antitrust legal issues, antitrust developments and the various business contexts in which they arise to courts and juries in common sense terms so that your business decisions can be readily understood and appreciated.