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A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. Capital Markets practice covers the full spectrum of securities offerings. Our lawyers assist clients in structuring transactions in all market conditions and in navigating regulatory requirements to enable clients to obtain necessary funding and exploit market windows. We guide our clients from incorporation and initial funding through exits via initial public offerings or M&A transactions. Post IPO, we have extensive experience in follow-on financing transactions of equity, high-yield debt and convertible securities, ranging from registered direct offerings, or other security transactions.

Our Capital Markets attorneys serve issuers, investment banks, venture capitalists, other private equity investors, investment advisors and private fund groups. This provides us with on-going insight into a broad range of business goals and challenges.

Companies in the technology and life sciences industries, in particular, seek legal counsel from A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. Capital Markets practice group based on our decades of experience advising clients in these industries.

Securities regulation and compliance are increasingly demanding, with new norms and stock exchange rules designed to promote enhanced corporate governance creating additional layers of process and disclosure for companies. Our Capital Markets attorneys help clients adapt in what has become an ever evolving governance environment, identifying new developments and best practices and advising issuers in the integration of new processes into their existing operations.

Our Capital Markets practice group includes specialists in the multitude of tax areas critical to our clients, which range from offering related disclosure to matters related to equity compensation. Attorneys in A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd.’s intellectual property practice support our clients in the offering process by providing subject matter scientific expertise and in diligence and opinion matters, as well as advice on regulatory matters. As a full-service law company, A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. also enlists talent from our other practices – such as labour and employment and securities litigation – to help clients achieve positive outcomes in any situation.