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No executive wants to be told that a large group of the firm’s customers, employees, investors, or other constituents are suing the company. But when class actions arise, the defense can rely on A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd’s Class Action Practice to draw on its deep bench and extensive experience across a broad range of subject matters and in courts across the country.

Attorneys in our Class Action Practice represent “household name” corporations in defense of consumer and false advertising class actions; Big Four accounting firms and corporate issuers in securities class actions; companies who have been accused of improperly disclosing customer data; employers alleged to have violated labor and employment laws; and industrial manufacturers in products liability class and mass tort actions, among others. With these engagements comes experience unique to such cases. We are adept at managing and coordinating multiple proceedings, including claims consolidated by the federal panel on multi-district litigation, parallel lawsuits in different states (or even abroad), and parallel state and federal regulatory and law enforcement investigations. Our attorneys also know that, when it comes to highly-publicized complaints about a company’s products or services, minimizing civil legal liabilities is only one piece of the puzzle. We have experience coordinating our legal strategy with crisis communications and brand management experts.

A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd’s Class Action Practice employs aggressive and creative approaches to these cases, including making early challenges to class certification, and seeking bifurcated discovery where appropriate to minimize expense. Our litigators counsel clients on how to minimize the risk of getting sued in a class action the next time. And, just as importantly, we stand apart with our lean, efficient staffing and an analytical approach to trying cases – which yields not only smaller bills for clients, but also more focused efforts on defenses that are most likely to prevail.