Energy & Cleantech

Energy & Clean-tech

Integrated renewable and traditional energy practice providing comprehensive advice to all segments of the energy and clean technology sectors industry and also very helpful to sort out the legal compliances problems which are emerges to start any new legal entity in the field of Energy and Clean-tech.


A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd.Energy and Clean-tech attorneys serve as trusted legal advisors to help clients execute and thrive among the rapidly changing laws surrounding energy. From green energy sources like solar, wind and turbine to traditional oil, gas and electric, this legal service company has been active in the energy and cleantech and renewables sectors for decades. Our lawyers have counselled clients across the spectrum from new, innovative green technology companies to large utility-scale power projects. Recognizing early on the common concerns of the renewable and traditional energy fields, we established one of the first integrated energy law practices to serve all segments of the energy and green technology sectors. This tight integration helps us deliver the type of comprehensive and knowledgeable legal counsel that energy companies have come to expect and require in the current competitive and dynamic market environment.

A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. works with a broad range of energy clients, spanning spinouts from prestigious universities, to address the full range of energy and clean tech policies and challenges. We have assisted traditional power plants in adjusting to changing regulatory climates, helped energy efficiency and green energy technology start-up companies create and capitalize on new regulatory opportunities and represented investors in sophisticated venture capital and tax equity transactions.  

Our practice has successfully counselled hundreds of energy and green tech clients at every stage of their business growth through an array of activities and transactions, including corporate and venture financings, mergers and acquisitions, project structuring and finance, public securities offerings, energy regulatory and environmental compliance matters, strategic partnerships and joint ventures, tax issues, intellectual property and real estate. With our deep experience and understanding of energy and green technology trends, financing models, investment and deployment partners, intellectual property and tax issues, and relevant laws and regulations, A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. helps companies, investors and lenders succeed across the energy and clean-tech value chains.