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Indian companies operating internationally and foreign companies coming to the India face unfamiliar laws, rules, regulations, business practices and languages. What’s routine for a domestic business can be a significant obstacle for a company operating outside its home market. A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. can help through our International Business Practice. Companies operating across borders need legal advice from an international perspective. Our attorneys provide companies operating internationally with counsel based on experience, creative problem solving, and cultural awareness. We have a strong grasp of the unique legal challenges of doing business internationally, and how to protect the interests of our clients both in India and abroad.

As a world’s first legal services company with offices in New Delhi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Hamirpur, Rath,A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. supports our clients wherever their business takes them, whether it is a Indian company expanding overseas or a foreign company doing business as in India. Our success in achieving our clients’ goals in many different countries around the world has also led to requests from non-Indian clients for assistance with challenges they face in other regions of the world. A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. provides a global reach to our customers as per the best capacity.  A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. has significant experience assisting our clients in a variety of international business activities, including cross-border mergers and acquisition, joint ventures, organizing local operations and negotiating multinational distribution, licensing and other commercial arrangements. Our international business attorneys also advise clients on the compliance issues they face in operating in a global marketplace, including export controls and sanctions, foreign corrupt practices and corporate social responsibility matters. We provide cost-effective, global resources aimed at accomplishing our clients’ strategic missions on a world-wide basis.