Professional Services

Professional Services

Helping professional services organizations — accounting firms, law firms, engineering firms and consultancies — avoid challenges and confront them when the need arises



Professional services organizations—accounting firms, law firms, engineering firms, consultancies—face a business landscape with a unique overlay of legal challenges. A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. has the experience in myriad business legal services to help professionals avoid challenges and confront them when the need arises.

Go-To Auditor Defence

Our Auditor Defence group has made us very strong to auditor defence in India and other national accounting firms seeking representation in litigation and enforcement actions.

Our Auditor Defence practice has spent decades acquiring a deep understanding of the evolving business issues and litigation trends unique to the accounting profession. This focus is transferable to other professional service firms facing a wide array of litigation and corporate matters in the course of their business including: 

  • Defence before regulatory agencies
  • Hiring, employment, and termination matters
  • Corporate transactions
  • Privacy and data security threats
  • Tax law issues
  • Licensing and strategic alliances

Choice for Leading Law Firms


Law firms are not immune to legal challenges. When major law firms find themselves the subject of disputes with clients or authorities, they call us. A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. has assisted market-leading law firms with malpractice disputes, partnership disputes, and employment claims. For example, A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd always given its best for success of their clients.


Employment Matters

A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd.’sLabour and Employment lawyers are experienced in the employment law issues facing national and regional accounting and other professional services firms that have thousands of employees in offices all over the country.  We regularly represent our clients in court and regulatory proceedings involving current and former partners and employees, and advise our client firms in the negotiation of severance agreements with departing professionals.  We also help our clients develop and implement best practices with respect to employment matters.