Technology Specialists

Technology specialists


A&S Jurisprudentia specialists are an integral part of our patent practice group, working side-by-side with our patent attorneys. They arrive at the firm with advanced scientific degrees and postdoctoral and/or industry experience and are then trained to prepare, file and prosecute patent applications, to evaluate the patentability of inventions, and to identify patents that could be infringed based on the manufacture, use or sale of a particular technology or product. They also provide technical support for patent litigation matters.


After gaining experience and expertise in our patent practice, many of our technology specialists are given the opportunity to attend law school during the day or evening, with the firm covering the cost of their tuition and books under our law school tuition policy. Upon graduation, it is expected that they will join the ranks of A&S Jurisprudentia Ltd. patent lawyers with advanced seniority in recognition of their experience.


Our technology specialist salaries are competitive with other major firms and are based on relevant years of experience. Salaries are adjusted appropriately for technology specialists who decide to work part-time in order to attend law school during the day. Technology specialists receive the same benefits as the company's associates. Comprehensive individual and family medical, dental, life and disability insurance benefits are available, and they are entitled to four weeks of vacation annually. Technology specialists become eligible to enrol in the company website as per the requirements.